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Chapterl Aim, Research Questions &Objectives
1.0 Introduction
Since 1990s, all walks of life gradually realize the importance of inventory management. lnvento1y management is related to the cost of an enterprise, capital flow, service level, etc. Traditional invento1γmanagement model has been unable to meet the needs of enterprise development, and supply chain thinking has gradually aroused the attention of all walks of life, especially the fast consumer goods industiy. Chain Mf!lagement Supply (SCM) is a kind of innovation of resource allocation. Nowadays, the compctition is not only the compctition between entreprises and entreprises, but the compctition between supply chain and supply chain.How to manage the whole supply chain is one of the guarantees for the enterprises to obtain the sustainable competitive advantage. Unce1tainty in supply chain and the resulting amplification effect increase the overall invento1y of supply chain system, which brought unnecessruγcost burden of node enterprise supply chai Jn.t has become the focus of the theory and the business community that how to manage inventory in the supply chain.
The research o均ective is to understand the whole working process of the product of Orea m Ocean Company, to find out the problems and analyze the causes of the problem. Based on market forecast and feedback, the paper IIγto solve the problem of invento1y m anagement in Ocean Company Dream.