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Causes of the booms in the financial system

First, in the face of the recession of the financial system, the Governments around the world, especially those important countries whose economies have a great impact on the world economy, take a positive self-help measures. Once the outbreak of the economic and financial turmoil happen, the fiscal measures of these governments will become active instead of being robust (Andrew, 2009). For example, after the economic crisis in 2008, China has poured 4 trillion investments in construction of infrastructure projects and key projects. At the same time, the limited local governments which have to right to issue bonds provide a financing support to the local development. This greatly stimulates the economy and promotes the recovery.

Second, the constant improvement of the financial system has provided a guarantee to the prosperity of the financial system. The maturing improvement of the financial system has greatly reduced the financial system disorders due to objective factors. At the same time, a sound financial system also improves the speed and efficiency of the whole financial market (Geert, 2009). The financial system raises the times of contact in the world-wide, increases the communication of information, and reduces the financial system’s disorders caused by asymmetric information.

Finally, the stability of the international environment creates a booming hotbed for the stability of the financial system. Since after World War II, the world's environment tends to be peaceful. A large-scale war does not occur and a long-term peaceful environment is likely to continue. Peaceful environment clears obstacles for the development of economy. Furthermore, it also promotes the prosperity of the financial system.