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Assignment :Term Paper

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DJessay :Term Paper    
In this DJessay, the student will write a 2000 word exegetical paper on one of the following Old Testament  passages: Genesis 22:1-19, Exodus 32:1-14, Deuteronomy 6:1-9, or a Psalm of the student’s choice.  The student  should seek to draw out the passage’s meaning in light of information gleaned from the lectures and his or her  readings in DTOT and the Bible.  That is, the paper should demonstrate careful reading of the passage through  interpretive skills learned through the course and should show that the student can read the passage in light of its  wider biblical context (i.e. specific biblical book, section of the OT, etc.).  Although it is not required, the student  is encouraged to consult other secondary sources (e.g. commentaries, journal articles, or a study Bible).    This should be a formal essay using a proper essay structure and formal prose.  Be sure to argue something about  the passage; do not merely describe it or retell its content.  Proofread your work carefully as grammatical, spelling  and other errors will negatively affect your grade.  Include a title page with an essay title, the course name and  number, your name, and the word count total (your word count should not exceed 2200; deductions will occur if it  does).  You may use your preferred manual of style, but be sure to be consistent.  Also, please include a  bibliography of sources used.