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  Development Economics

  Mid-term coursework

  I expect the answers in Moodle by March 20th. This coursework is

  worth 100 marks, which represent 20% of your final grade.

  1. Use the most recent World Development Report tables to answer question 1.a and

  1.b. Note: if your surname starts with a letter between A and G, you should choose

  examples from Latin America and/or Africa; if your surname starts with a letter

  between H and O, you should choose examples from Africa and/or Asia; finally if

  your surname starts with a letter between P and Z, you should choose examples

  from Asia and/or Latin America. In ALL cases, you can NOT pick the examples cited in

  the lecture notes. (40 marks)

  a. Imagine you agree with the following statement: “The per-head value of final

  goods and services produced by the people of a country over a given year is a

  good predictor of human development”. Show two examples (=two

  countries) to back up this statement. You should comment on at least 3

  indicators per country. (15 marks)

  b. Now imagine instead you need to argue in favour of the following statement:

  “Economists should define Development differently, as income doesn’t play

  such an important role”. Again, show two examples (=two countries) and

  comment on at least 3 indicators per country. (15 marks)

  c. Look for Gini coefficients of two (not the four) of the countries cited in

  questions 1.a and 1.b. over the period 2000-2012. What conclusion can you

  draw? What are the limits of this indicator? (10 marks).

  2. The country of Enekwaletee is composed by only 4 individuals, with only 3 of them

  having an income of 100$, 400$ and 1500$. Construct an example to show that the

  corresponding Gini coefficient satisfies the Dalton Principle. essay代写(30 marks)

  3. Lewis (1954) constructed a model to explain the development process with two

  sectors (one modern, one traditional). In this model, the overall development

  process of a country can be seen as the rise of the modern sector at the expense of

  the traditional sector. What assumptions did Lewis make about the traditional

  sector? How did he conceive the development process of a country? You can back up

  your discussion with graphs. You should of course comment each graph and link

  them with your written statement. (30 marks).