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代写美国paper:Social Media Techno

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This essay must be double-spaced,written as neatly as possible,and written on only one side of the paper.

You must use the MLA format,as described in your textbook in chapters 37 and 38,as well as in the MLA Documentation handout to be picked up at the reference desk in the library.





  12 December 2012

  Social Media Technology

  Since the 21st century, some accomplished high-technologies have been emerging in different areas with rapid economic and science growth. Being one of the most beneficial and practical technology, social media is regarded as a key part to improve the living standard, which can be reflected in different aspects of daily life. Twitter, YouTube, and Facebook are closely linked to personal and social communication so that it makes the connection between individual and society easier and more convenient. Social media has been taken full advantage of by advertisers, teenagers and politicians to satisfy their demands when necessary (Qualman, Page 12). Advanced technology has almost dominated all in daily life. On the other hand, it is necessary for people and society to consider seriously the losses and cost by relying on social media. In this essay, it talks about the development of social media.