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Differences between Living in Urban City and Countryside

In this paper, I will provide some ideas about living in urban city and countryside. Firstly, the author showed he enjoyed his simple life by using natural sources and entertaining with books as well as pets. Secondly, the author was clear to distinguish what he wanted and needed. Thirdly, the idea of author was keeping an easy way to live instead of using technology which would dominate people’s life. Fourthly, the author believed that communicating through way of face to face was the most effective way to shorten distance between people. Fifthly, the author was unwilling to live in city where was full of toxic atmosphere and everything made of chemistry.

As being mentioned in the passage, there were various differences between living in urban city and countryside. Fitstly, the kinds of sources are different. In city, people perfer to use electricity and something chemical. When in countryside, people would rather use natural resouces such as solar energy as well as wind energy source. Secondly, as for way of living, people are living a fast speed life because there is plenty of pressure in their work. However, people living in countryside are much slower than people living in city. As it is known to all, most of people living in countryside can live by farming so that they do not face as much pressure as people living in city. Knowing from passage, most of people in countryside live a quiet life without competing. Thirdly, considering pursue of lifestyle, people in different places are different. Most of people in city are surrounded by the ideas of money as well as material so that they will try their best to achieve a better material life. On the contrary, people in countryside are content with their lot. Although their life is not rich, enjoying a easy is enough for them.