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美国essay代写需求:Christmas Day

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论文题目:Christmas Day
补充要求和说明:不需要很专业这是大学预科的一篇论文 大概4.5个小时能写完 我能发给你一篇我们以前的论文 照那个格式写 然后需要在我们学校网站查点资料插入正文 我可以提供账号密码 还有具体要求可以QQ联系 8小时以内要论文EFL students study problems Listening and speakingAbstract
The article is talk about listening and speaking problems when you study EFL. I will from study ways and psychology to solve EFL study problems. In addition, I will give EFL student some good adviences. As a EFL student, I have learned English for 9 years. I know that listening and speaking is the most basic in English. If we have a good foundation, EFL will not become a difficult problem. However, in the study ways, some students learned very well, but some is bad. I choose the topic as my research goals, because I want to it can help more EFL students to improve their communication and listening skill.
Zhang2Introuduction Why do more and more people study English? “For the vast majority of the world's workers, proficiency in the English language has become both challenge and opportunity, yet another job requirement to be met but at the same time a key competitive differentiator for individual workers, corporations and entire economies. Many global market watchers assert that for people in the non-English speaking world, English language proficiency means opportunity, better jobs, higher salaries.”(Egan 2004) Why do we need to learn a second language. Nowadays, business becomes international. If you know one more language, you will get more chances than others? There is stronger computation on society. In addition, it becomes a popular about learning English in China. As a writer said, “English will bring more opportunity, better jobs, higher salaries.”(Egan 2004)
Backgroud of the problemNowadays, there are many EFL classes or schools in China, because more and more people know that EFL will become a popular studying. First, English calss become a majoy calss in high school and university. If you want to go to a good university, you must have a nice English grade. Second, English has become a useful tool of finding job. As we all know, nowadays, bussiness has become form a  /to all world. Then, English as a international language, it has become a good tool of finding jobs.