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1.      Introduction   It is generally believed that currently management consultants play the significant and critical role in dealing with changes in the organizations. Most of the changes are painful process in the current situation when new problems are emerging and it is in an urge of addressing all these problems. In modern management, organizations tend to and are interested in making proactive changes in the management and in the contingency planning process for becoming more competitive than before in the new business and economic context. While it is in the process of change as planned, it is also in the process of development for the organization. Organization development tries to achieve alignment of organisation’s influential elements: structure, culture, systems, roles, tasks and strategy (Abrahamson, 2000). The essay would first review the change of the organization, the necessary and the role of the external consultants, and followed by the advantages and disadvantages of the organizations before the conclusion to be reached.   2.0  Changes in the organization and the need of the external management consultants   Bolman and Deal suggested the “Four Frame Analysis of Organizational Change”, and they pointed out that the change in the organizations focuses on the structural     which contains different aspects of specific work to be planned and changed.   Some experts believed that there are transition stages in the process of the organizational changes. Scott and Jaffe (1993) suggested that any organizations that plan and execute the change within the organization would experiences the four steps and phases. However, the speed and process in different organization show different characteristics according to the incentives, motivations, corporate culture, leadership, and any other factors that offer the proper environment for the change. So each organization faced different situation in the process of change and the management of change (Semler, 1994).   Also, the change in the global economic forces, individual forces and the technological forces all contribute to the urge of the change in the current management work.   Palmer, Dunford and Akin (2006) believed that the change has taken places in many aspects of the organizations, especially in the managers: managers are changed as directors, as navigators, as caretakers, as coaches, as interpreters and as nurturers. As the situation has changed,change is on the strategic layer under the common ground from the management board, so there is a force to make issues clear and understood. Most of the change is not fully planned before hand, so there is the emergency to some extend. Moreover, most of the managers are trying to shape and change the organizations in many ways, and they also attach great importance to the culture and bureaucracy issues into consideration when making changes within the organization. Change managers also try to create the meanings for the other members in the organization, which is helpful in conveying the ideas to the employees in all levels to under the changing events in the organizations, no matter it is big or small. During the changes, it is difficult for them to control the final results of it, so they would like to nurture the organizations instead of trying to get hold of all of the scenarios. Besides, under most of the circumstances, the change managers would rather to take the positive initiatives as the facilitators of all the issues within the organizations for the positive outcomes (Palmer and Akin, 2006).   However, in most cases, the change managers are limited to some scope, and feel hard to control, and even get tremendous workload in taking the responsibilities. They may face lots of challenges which are far from anticipated, so it is necessary for the organizations to invite the external consultants for dealings with the changes and incidents.   2.1.The role of the external management consultants   The external management consultants would be responsible for making plans for the schedule and plans for the changing issues by carrying out the plans catering to the organizations. They challenge the current issues to be change or are waiting to be changed, and to assist the managers at all levels to specify their goals and details of work. What’s more, the external management consultants can facilitate the departments with different functions to work out the plans in the different parts of the work and to control the results of the changes with the third-party insights and positions. Another important role is to review the whole case and work for dealing with changes within the organizations (Palmer and Akin, 2006).   ......本文是由Tzessay代写网提供的代写assignment代写片断,如您有需求请咨询我们.