代写新西兰作业:outsourcing 外

浏览: 日期:2020-01-13



作业必须: 1.清楚地描述外包活动




•...所以外包的任务 •使用课程材料在您选择的组织中进行外包问题。

•使用外包文献中的概念 •报告长度不超过3500字(不包括附录和参考文献)。




  •Outsourcing’ is an act of subcontracting a part, or all, of an organization’s work to external vendor's, to manage on its behalf

  •Includes services as well as tangible operations like a data centre or transport (public and private sector)

  •Organisation of your choice which can be one you have worked with before or where you can find out substantive information

  •Propose specific and practicable recommendations.

  •Not too generic like ‘Outsourcing’ but specific (services, roles responsibilities to be outsourced and why for example)

  •Proposals that are sensible for the organisation considered

  •Critically evaluate and consider the organisational implications

  •General layout of reports should follow these guidelines

  Executive Summary

  Introduction, which should include a discussion of the internal and external context

  Analysis of the issue addressing the assignment objectives

  Proposal(s) or options for workable recommendation(s)

  Critical analysis of any recommendation(s) which should include a discussion of:

  •Alternatives and their relative merits and potential barriers and problems

  •Types of issue in outsourcing

  •Payroll outsourcing

  •Call centre outsourcing

  •Outsourcing copy writing

  •Compliance and data management

  •Knowledge management

  •Logistics and supply chain outsourcing

  •Country specific outsourcing

  •Law and legal requirements

  •Reducing cost problems and issues

  •Change Management

  •Renegotiation of an outsource

  •Factors in outsourcing failure

  •Setting up a clothing company in Europe

  •Outsourcing for SME’s

  •Outsourcing governance, contracting or exiting.

  •And finally for the assignments…

  •Use appropriate number of tools or frameworks for the case.

  •Introduce/use tools no need to explain ‘them’ in detail

  •No need for tables and tables of cost figures (summarise)

  •Pitch report at the senior management level of the organisation.

  •Logical flow from area identified via transition implications to management (evidence based).

  •Any options explained clearly along with risks etc.

  •Solutions proposed should be sensible

  •Clear business English with referencing is required.

  •Use Harvard format for in text and final references (around 15 – 20 will be enough)

  •Summary of the assessments

  •One report 3500 words in length

  •Issue in outsourcing

  •Style of a management