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  Business research methods

  Assignment 1

  essay代写 title:

  Explain why issues of reliability and validity are critical in the choice of research designs and methods, giving examples to support your reasoning.

  Note - .This is an individual assessment and though group discussion of your work is encouraged, the submitted assessment should be your own work.

  Assessment Criteria

  1. Evidence of a well-structured analysis clearly related to the question.

  2. Evidence of wider reading (i.e. beyond the course text) drawing upon appropriate material to support, illustrate and develop the analysis that is being put forward. The focus on reliability and validity in this question means that it is relevant to most of the topics taught on the module.

  3. Ability to reflect critically upon the issues raised by the question.

  4. Quality and depth of analysis, evidence and examples presented.

  5. Ability to reference properly and accurately.

  Marks will be deducted for poor referencing and incomplete or non-existent bibliographies, as well as for poor structure, and for serious mistakes in grammar and syntax.

  The essay should be approximately 1000 words in length, excluding the bibliography. At least 5 different academic sources (NO .com websites!).

  Assessment weighting: 40% of the module


  This is a suggested structure you can follow in order to develop your essay. The following are points that should be covered in the essay, they are NOT headings:

  - Introduction

  - What do validity and reliability mean? (Only one definition each!)

  - Why validity and reliability are important in research?

  - Choose two research designs among the ones explained (do not write definitions) and discuss what the issues of validity and reliability are in relation to the research designs chosen.

  - Choose one qualitative and one quantitative method (for example interviews, observation, questionnaire, etc.) and discuss what the issues of validity and reliability are in relation to each of them.

  - Conclusion

  - References

  Additional Guidelines

  Material covered in the class session related to the topics for the assignment should be used as a starting point. Don’t simply restate what was covered in a lecture or what you have read in the literature. Develop an analysis of the key issues using secondary material to support points or to forward the case that you are presenting.

  Make sure you understand what is being asked and what issues or themes the question requires you to consider. Make a plan with key points outlined before you begin to write the full answer. Ask yourself, does the analysis flow? I am usually happy to discuss your plan and ideas with you, although I will not read through full assignments.

  Simple statements of opinion or prescriptive assertions are not adequate to the task, you need to back up your arguments with evidence and examples, e.g. from case studies or examples from texts.

  Make sure that you provide a full bibliography listing all the texts you have consulted and used in preparing the assignment and that you reference the assignment properly using the Harvard reference system.