代写英国作业Research Report案例

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1.0 Introduction

BMO is a well known bank in Canada. Firstly, BMO is one of the five public companies in NYSE and has reputation around the world. In addition, while BMO is customer-focused, it also has employee recognition programs to inspire them to progress. In this essay, it will give a brief introduction of BMO, top-level management and finance performances, respectively. In addition, it will explain the operations, divisions, and products offered in BMO and focus on general information about investment banking in BMO Canada.

2.0 Company overview

2.1 Brief history

Bank of Montreal, which was the first bank in Canada, opened in 1817 for business. The establishment of BMO had been a deliberate decision and was meant to make vital contribution to the economy of the country. Throughout its history, BMO has succeeded in answering its destiny. The BMO provided the first widely-recognized and circulated currency in Canada, and had been involved in every major event in Canada’s development ever after, including the first canal, the first railway, the first telegraph office, etc. Now it is the most famous Canada's pre-eminent financial institution which also presented in the United States and world market with total assets of 2 billion at July 31, 2012, and over 46,000 staff (BMO Legacy, 2012).