代写英国作业Research Report案例

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2.2 What BMO does

BMO Financial Group (i.e. BMO) involves three operating groups, like Private Client Group, Personal and Commercial Banking, and BMO Capital Markets.

Personal Commercial Banking, Private Client Group and BMO Capital Markets all are supposed to belong to BMO Financial Group (i.e. BMO)

As regards P&C Banking, a complete series of products and services have been provided to over seven million customers, such as financing investing, creditor insurance, solutions for everyday banking, credit cards or financial advisory services and a full suite of capital markets and integrated commercial products.

For the Private Client Group (PCG), a complete series of client segments which include majority and wealthy people and targeted institutional markets has been widely provided with property management skills and methods.

BMO Capital Markets offers products and services with the purpose of promoting corporate, institutional and government customers’ desires of obtaining. BMO nowadays has 29 subsidiaries all over the world, and 16 of them locate in North America. In many sections, it is not difficult to find BMO Capital Markets. It has influenced enterprise loans, equity and loan underwriting, merchant banking, and finance project, mergers and acquisitions counsel services or else.

2.3 Company culture

BMO is working hard to achieve the goal of keeping good performance and satisfying its customers. In practice, it always focuses on ongoing learning and professional development. The employees of BMO are required to abide by BMO’s code of conduct, called First Principles, which is set out on its website.